The Cheese And The Worms EP

by Eggshells

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Menocchio was a 16th century Italian miller who saw the world as a large chunk of cheese, with angels that would crawl out of it like worms. For this peculiar world view, Menocchio earned the title of a heresiarch during the Inquisition, and eventually he was burned at the stake.

The tunes in this small collection of musical jottings are all tiny Menocchio's in their own right, tracks that fall in between all descriptions of history or music, stowaways for who there is no place in uncluttered narratives that do not follow any set of 'regular' musical or historical rules. All of them are the result of letting the stream of consciousness do its work for a while, juxtaposing musical elements that seem to complement each other well and removing what doesn't. A journal of trial and error, of hit or miss, cloudily enwrapped in allegorical devices, a musical world in which nothing is wrong or out of place - or perhaps everything is wrong and out of place.

That being said, feel free to interpret the music in every way you like. Of course I did not did not put the cheese and the worms stuff as an a priori framework, an overarching narrative structure in which I planned to embed these tunes, I really just had fun messing around with buttons, and I‘m very fond of acting pretentious and talk a lot of hot air.

As a bonus feature for the full EP download, you will find added the film score I wrote to Paul Bezuijen's Villa Greta - which in its own right is definitely worth watching.
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released January 16, 2014



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